The best part of Christmas was calling and talking with our children, grandchildren, and family. Over the two days and nights of Christmas Day and Christmas Eve we called family at their dinner gatherings. Because California is 10 hours, Oklahoma and Tennessee are 8 hours and Pennsylvania and Georgia are 7 hours difference, some of our calls were at strange hours of the night and morning. Christmas Eve we went to a reception and midnight service at St. Andrew's Scots Memorial Church. The Church is only blocks away so we walked in spite of pouring down rain and wind. The wind grabbed my umbrella and disassembled it on the way there. On the way back, trying to stay dry with one broken umbrella and the small one we had left was imposable. My new wool coat was heavy with rain and Don's suit was wet and wrinkled. We were a sad sight, but happy because It was 1 am and time to make another Christmas call.

Christmas Day we decided to go out for an early dinner. In town was business as usual, it seemed strange since this was Christmas Day. We were unable to find a restaurant who served turkey and we knew no one would be serving ham, so we settled on a steak dinner. Argentina Steak House is one of the few places in Jerusalem that you can get an American type steak dinner complete with baked potatoes, it was great.

OK every one......... it's your was your Christmas?