April 10th Update

We have been informed that we will be here until at least Monday the 12th. Mui has received four steroid shots to help the baby's lungs develop in case of an early delivery. She has been given anti-biotics to help prevent some sort of diseases she could give the baby during delivery. However, the magnesium sulfate will hopefully be making that irrelevant right now as it seems to have stopped most of her contractions. They tell us that they will be reducing her magnesium dosage tomorrow, see if her contractions stay at a minimum, and try a pill form that she can take in place of the tubes sticking out of her arm. If all goes well, and boy, do we hope so, we will be out of here on Monday. Mui would like to make it known that she hates this and that the medicine make her very hot. She chooses to use the term 'frying'.