April 11th Update

No good news today. The doctor told us that we are going to be here until her 34th week. Mui didn't take that too well. She really wants to go home. Speaking with the doctor later, I found out why he wanted to keep her here. He said that it was because Mui couldn't feel her contractions and that she wouldn't be able tell if she was contracting at home. I corrected him and told him that Mui could feel her contractions and that she had told them initially that she couldn't because she just didn't know what they were. She was under the impression that contractions hurt. She can feel her contractions but they don't hurt. So the doctor said that he would discuss this with our regular doctor on Tuesday (she isn't in until then) and they may change their minds. However, while this does offer us some hope, Mui has started to get a few more contractions lately. She was down to about one an hour. She has been experiencing three or four an hour for the last few hours. So we may still end up being here for the next two and a half weeks.